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Easy - Tammara Webber "So I don't want you to feel pressured. Or overpowered. But I do, absolutely, want to kiss you right now. Badly." Anyone who I add as a friend on here knows by now that I never pick up Contemporary YA novels. Most just don't work for me, and if all the flaws can hide behind vampires, zombies, and magic it becomes easier to ignore the faults. Thank you Tammara Webber for eliminating the doubt I had before reading this book.Somehow this book just didn't have any problems for me. The characters where strong, emotions were present, and they behaved like normal people!REVIEW - SPOILER FREEI have a special place in my heart for college themed books; maybe that's because I'm going to be stuck at mine for another 3 years. We get introduced to Jacqueline, the narrator, who has been dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years. She had followed him to college straight from High School instead of pursuing her own wants; a music school. Everything has spun out of control in these two weeks. From going unnoticed in the hall, to failing her first class. Jacqueline has hit rock bottom. This is exactly where we meet her, coming out of a college frat party. Some things happen as she tries to make her way home... and I'll leave it at that. Skipping forward a bit, Jacqueline has decided to get herself back on the right track. In attempt to pass her Econ class, she gets pared up with a tutor, Landon. Their contact is strictly through e-mail. It's funny, they might have been a few flirty messages going back and forth, and it works with the book. We also meet Lucas within the first few pages on the book, and come to later find out that he too is in the Econ class. He sits in the back, doodles, has a lip ring, tattoos, and stares at her during class; not in a creepy Edward Cullen kind of way though. As part of "Project forget boyfriend" Jacqueline's friend decides it's time to date a bad boy (I point about to Lucas). This book is more of a mature YA book - fair warning to those a little younger that may stumble across this book. I will say that there is no insta-love, only some occasional lusting, from both the main character and of course the readers too. What I liked: -The way topics were addressed.-All of the characters; even the bad ones. It says something when you can hate someone after just a few pages of words.-The romance. Yes, there was a slight smirk as I wrote this. I do have a spot for my very own microbiology tutor. :)-The emails. -Lucas. Yes he deserves his own bullet after all of this. The Issues: To be honest I almost didn't have any, but then I stopped to think a bit. -It took a while to figure out some plot related issues.-Confrontation of two things took too long The rape issues and the tutor/student things. -The ending. Why does a book just have to end? I NEED MORE.Hopefully this encourages someone to check the book out. This book will be something I will open to a particular page just so that I can re-read a passage. Below is a quote... if you click it, just know it was spoilered for a reason. " "I wanted to tell you that I just-I miss you. And maybe that sounds ridiculous-like we barely know each other, by between the emails and texts and... everything else, I felt like we did. Like we do. And I miss-I don't know how else to say it-I miss both of you." He swallowed, closing his eyes and inhaling slowly. I knew he would be all rational and do-the-right-thing and he would push me away again, and I was determined not to give him that chance. But then his eyes flashed open and he said, "Fuck it," pushing me against the door..."