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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - I feel bad for Tobias/Four throughout the whole book. If you think about it, he got lied to (multiple times), had to deal with his parents, and constantly save Tris. Which comes to my next point. What happened to Tris? It was almost like a completely different character! I don't know if it was to keep the plot going and have the audience hang on, but her thoughts just didn't come through to me as well as they had in Divergent; more like they were all over the place instead of planned out. (An Erudite characteristic that we now confirm she has.) All in all, I liked it. Peter... I still love to hate you! There wasn't a love triangle (thank goodness), the plot didn't drag, and we finally figure out, at least partially, what is behind the wall. I want the next book, and although I have seem some people say differently, I still ship Tris/Four. That last chapter finally set me on the straight path, even though I had deterred from it before. For those of you who have read this... just a question. Anyone feel as if everything is a stimulation? This book was comparable to the Martix in the way things are laid out and I can't help but thinking that when some people die, they just wake up. They are possibly using everyone as test subject to see how they new society might turn out and if it might be a good idea to implement this type of government in the real world... Just some thoughts.