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Exiled (Immortal Essence, #1) - RaShelle Workman I purchased this book off of https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93621College Kid who reads YA.4/5Don't often review books, but this one deserves the attention. It's different from what is being advertised in most situations. It's not a dystopian, no vampire, werewolves, or fairies in sight here. Just aliens.We start off with Venus and her 16th birthday, where in Kelari you receive a task which you must complete to become immortal. Nothing to be spoiled, things don't go as they should and she gets "exiled" to Earth. Here she must complete her task. Zaren, who is somewhat of a bodyguard, goes with her following his oath to protect and server her. I do like him more than Michael. He knows her personality much better and that makes him a better choice in my opinion. The first human she stumbles across happens to be Michael. After a not too friendly confrontation she comes to learn that her task is to make him find his true love. Although the summary gives away the major spoiler in the book, there are other twists which make you want to continue reading.This book is one of few which kept me interested to the point that I did not pick up another while I was reading. A 4/5 for me since I was constantly being sucked in. It did take a little bit to understand what was going on in the first few chapters, but once the terms became familiar it was alright. My first book in which I actually read about aliens and hope that this becomes a new theme. Will most definitely be buying the sequel when it comes out.