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College kid, who still finds time in-between all those credits to pull out a book and read instead of studying. I work as a tutor for my college while taking classes there; currently P1 going for my PhD in Pharmacy.

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Awaken - Katie Kacvinsky College kid who reads YARating 4.5/5This book is set in 2060, and gives an interpretative opinion of what life could be like in the next few generations if we convert to a Digital School system. For me this is a realistic worry. Already we have people who go home and have conversations on Facebook or other chat room websites for hours on end. This prevents social interaction for most kids who are in high school in college. Maddie, our main character lives just as the society wants. She is constantly connected to the internet in one way, and almost never leaves the house unless if it for sports.Shortly in, this changes. She meets Jason who encourages face-to-face contact. This relationship starts out great for me. He helps her realizes what is going on behind all of the digital things, and encourages her to continue seeking new ways to interact with people. In regards to their actual relationship, this bothers me a little bit. There have been situations where I would not date someone knowing that they would not be around all the time, and yet Maddie wants to still date him. I understand the appeal of finding someone, but why put yourself in a position where you get left behind and only see somebody you "love" every few months. With saying this, I secretly cheered them on because of the situation Maddie is in. She no longer is living with anyone she knows. Overall, I would recommend this to readers who want to get another perspective on digitization of the society. Shared this with a few of my friends and all of them at least enjoyed the book if not went out and bought their own copy for them to continue reading the sequel.