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College kid, who still finds time in-between all those credits to pull out a book and read instead of studying. I work as a tutor for my college while taking classes there; currently P1 going for my PhD in Pharmacy.

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Evermore (Immortals Series #1)

Evermore - Alyson Noel Read this book about 3 years ago and was not interested in continuing the series. MC was dully and ditsy, the love interested was far from being attractive, and the story telling was very predictable.
Everneath - Brodi Ashton Last half was far better than the first.Looking forward to the sequel.
My Merlin Awakening - Priya Ardis Great sequel. Picked right back up with the story.
The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse Was between 3 and 4 stars for me. Ended up being 3 stars because I was interested in the story. Overall, I could overlook the slight world-building issues, the instant love between the characters, and Gayda (she bugged me).
Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout I thought it was interesting, and I have already started the first book now. With that being said, other reviews have pointed out the similarities between this and the Vampire Academy novels. I have yet to read this series, so this story-line is still new to me. That being said, I may go back and read the other series as well.
Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout I put this book off for long enough. All the great reviews I saw each day logging into GR made me want to read it more, and after having this book on my Nook for over 3 months, I cracked. At this point I feel like a coin, in regards to it being two-sided.I really enjoyed this book. It had a different type of PN creature, Katy didn't take any crazy from Daemon, and I really like the character Dee.But now I get to wait, like everyone else who enjoyed this book for the sequel. Maybe it would have been better to wait. :/
Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown Pretty solid 4 stars. Far better than some of the other mermaid books I read this summer.
Saving June - Hannah Harrington Against my better judgement, I might pick this up. Not sure I'm in love with the summary, but I just have to true the GR friends and people I follow.

My Boyfriend Merlin (My Merlin, #1)

My Boyfriend Merlin (My Merlin, #1) - Priya Ardis Really picked up in the last half. Enjoy this one more than I thought I would at the end.
Every Day - David Levithan Might be my first David Levithan book... Looking forward to it.
Body & Soul - Stacey Kade 3.5 Stars. Just tied things up. Felt a little bit let down.
Paper Valentine - Brenna Yovanoff Compared to the summary, I'm not as interested in this book as some of her others. Will have to see what others think before I pick it up.
A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens 3 Stars. It ended just as things started to draw me in. Was hoping for more.
Queen of the Dead - Stacey Kade Not as good as the first one. Will be reading the next one though. Hope it will be better.
Ripple - Mandy Hubbard Really a 3.5, but GR doesn't have the half stars yet.
Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma This book kicked my butt. I cried!Although this book was "inappropriate", as in I would not let my Mom read it, I loved it... and somehow I want to read more. Time to search GR for the perfect messed up relationship.